Monotypes – One of a Kind Prints

If you’re looking for an original painting without the original painting price points, a monotype may be the perfect piece to add to your collection.

Monotypes are one-of-a-kind prints where an image is painted onto a non-porous surface, like a metal or glass plate, then transferred as an imprint to its permanent paper media. Only one print is made from the painted image.

Monotype print making dates back to the 1640s. Italian artist, Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione is credited as being the first artist to create a monotype print. Many artists over the years have created monotypes including Picasso, Matisse, Gauguin, Degas, and many more.

Robert started making monotypes in the 1990’s. “I love the simplicity…..the experimental quality and that you’re forced to create in a minimal, quick manner.” Robert explains.  He typically paint on a copper plate, and then transfers the painted image to different types of art paper. The image needs to be created quickly so that the paint is wet enough to transfer to paper. There is a bit of planning before he starts creating the image. However, because of the need to do the imprint while the paint is very wet, this process allows creative flow without the usual intense thought process and planning while painting. No matter what the subject matter, it’ll come out different every time. The possibilities are endless with monotypes.



Here in this time-lapse video where Robert is creating a monotype print from a blank copper plate to a unique 1/1 monotype print. Each print is like an original painting in that there is only one available. It is one of a kind.

“Monotypes are a way to break free from the pressure I almost always feel to create a perfect painting. The monotypes are perfect because they are not perfect. They are one of my favorite types of printmaking.”

Robert has created many monotypes in different styles and subject matter. Please feel free to visit the RLN monotype gallery.