Originally from Upland, California, Robert Lyn Nelson has been painting since the age of five. He has been based in Maui, Hawaii since the mid 70’s where he currently lives and paints. His work is in private and public collections around the world.

As the Founder of the Modern Marine Art Movement, Robert Lyn Nelson explains how his idea for painting underwater images was born back in the late 70’s. His work has brought awareness to conservation and environmental efforts worldwide and many organizations have benefited greatly from his contributions.

Although widely known for his environmental surrealism, Robert Lyn Nelson’s formal fine art training was in the art of abstraction. Nelson has been creating abstract works for the past 40+ years, but has recently dedicated much of his easel time to creating a large varied collection of incredible abstract paintings with oils, acrylics, enamel, papier colle, and other media. The artist is thrilled to go back to his college roots and feels that painting in abstract form allows him unlimited creative freedom.

Robert Lyn Nelson talks about his popular Beatles Tribute Series in this interview at his studio. He discusses how the series started, his process in creating a painting based on a song and what the series means to him. View the Elite Collection HERE.

Experience musical surrealism created by Robert Lyn Nelson. The Beatles Tribute Series is the artist’s visual interpretation of classic music by the legendary band, The Beatles. View entire Beatles Series HERE

Robert creates a monotype one of a kind print and explains his process. View available Monotypes HERE.

Robert Lyn Nelson’s Smithsonian Museum of Natural History Exhibition with host and environmental hero, Jean-Michel Cousteau. 

Widely known for his extensive artistic range, Nelson’s collection includes something for everyone. From realism to impressionism, abstractions to surrealism and every style in between, you’ll find original art based on various subject matter. 

The Many Worlds of Robert Lyn Nelson CCMA Exhibit brought the artist back to his hometown of Ontario, California. The exhibit featured a wide range of original art in many styles of various subject matter showing Nelson’s artistic versatility. View the entire collection here.