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Tracing the Journey of Pen and Ink Fine Art Through Time

Le Chatte by Robert Lyn Nelson In the vast realm of fine art, few techniques [...]

From the Streets to the Galleries: Social Realism Art

Caribbean Queen by Robert Lyn Nelson In the turbulent times of the 1920s, a collective [...]

The Fusion of Music and Artistic Expression

Within You Without You by Robert Lyn Nelson The intersection of music and visual art [...]

5 Famous Paintings Inspired by Music

Frederic Chopin by Robert Lyn Nelson Art and music, both powerful forms of expression, often [...]

Music and Art: 10 Rock Stars Who Paint

Metamorphic Grand Piano by Robert Lyn Nelson Music and art, two potent forms of creative [...]

The Rich Culture of Diving and the Ocean

Photo credit: David Fleetham of Robert Lyn Nelson diving in the Red Sea, Egypt. Diving [...]

A Guide to Framing Art and Hanging Unframed Gallery Wrap Style

Ignite by Robert Lyn Nelson Art has the power to transform spaces, evoke emotions, and [...]

The High Seas in Art: A Glimpse into 19th-Century Whaling

Painting: Justice For A Whale by Robert Lyn Nelson As an artist, Robert Lyn Nelson’s [...]

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