Blue Rebirth: A Symbol of Transformation and Good Fortune

“Blue Rebirth” invites you into the captivating world of Robert Lyn Nelson’s Surreal Butterfly Series. This mesmerizing artwork features a luminous blue butterfly, its wings adorned with intricate patterns, emerging from a cluster of delicate blue blossoms. The butterfly, a universal symbol of transformation and new beginnings, takes center stage against a breathtaking backdrop of rolling hills, tranquil waters, and distant mountains bathed in the warm glow of the setting sun.

Adding a touch of whimsy, a tiny ladybug perches on a leaf in the foreground. Ladybugs, often considered harbingers of good luck and prosperity, further enhance the artwork’s message of hope and renewal. Nelson masterfully blends elements of surrealism and abstraction, blurring the lines between reality and imagination. “Blue Rebirth” is a captivating testament to the power of art to transport us to a realm where beauty and wonder intertwine.

Size: 24 x 36 inches

-The Original painting: Oil, acrylic on canvas

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