This marine art image is a colorful and vibrant painting of an underwater scene off the shores of the Hawaiian islands. The focus of the painting is a Hawaiian Green Sea turtle swimming gracefully through the crystal clear water.

The artist has captured every detail of this underwater world. From the delicate movements of each fish to the intricate patterns on their scales, every element adds to the overall beauty of this piece. The use of light in this painting shines down from above, illuminating everything below and creating a mesmerizing effect.

The colors used in this painting are predominantly warm tones such as yellows and greens which give off a sense of tranquility and calmness. However, there are also pops of cooler blues that add depth to the composition.

Overall, this artwork captures not only nature’s beauty but also its complexity – showcasing different species coexisting harmoniously in their natural habitat. It invites us to take a moment to appreciate all that lies beneath our oceans’ surface – reminding us that there is still so much left for us to discover about our planet’s diverse ecosystems.

Size: 30 x 30 inches

-The Original painting: Oil, acrylic on canvas
-Prints: Limited edition Giclee on canvas, embellished by the artist

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