The brushstrokes in this contemporary abstract painting are bold and expressive. Nature played a role in inspiring this work. However, instead of depicting natural landscapes or elements directly, the Nelson has chosen to interpret them through an urban lens.

The overall composition is balanced and symmetrical, with no one element overpowering another. This allows viewers to take in all aspects of the painting without feeling overwhelmed or confused. Upon closer inspection, one can see small details such as blurred images of hands and faces within the larger cityscape.

Despite these subtle hints at human presence, there are no discernible figures or landmarks depicted in this abstract piece. This leaves room for interpretation and invites viewers to project their own experiences onto it.

This stunning painting captures both nature’s influence on our urban surroundings and our impact on it through the artist’s use of color and composition choices.

Size: 48 x 48 inches

-The Original painting: Oil on canvas ***Original painting available exclusively through Coast Gallery.

-Prints: Limited edition Giclee on canvas, embellished by the artist

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