Kayak Made From Recycled Ocean Plastic

Kayaking on Maui has been a passion of mine for 30 years. It’s a great way to be in tune with nature and appreciate the quiet beauty of the Earth and water. Kayaking, along with surfing, allows me to gain new perspective and inspiration for future artistic creations.

Kayaking off Olowalu, Maui, Hawaii
Kayaking off Olowalu, Maui, Hawaiii

Conservation of the seas has been an ongoing focus of mine since 1979. My marine life paintings and sculptures serve as a reminder of how magical, vibrant, and crucial conservation of our sea is. With the ever increasing amount of pollution and plastic debris in our oceans, we all need to take action to protect the sea.

There are more and more companies supporting beach and ocean clean up and turning the waste into new goods. Odyssey Innovation with their original kayak designs, is one of them.

The company based in the UK, in partnership with Paddle For Plastic and their many volunteers are working to clean harmful plastic waste from the ocean. Odyssey Innovation then re-purposes the plastic waste into kayaks! Genius! These kayaks are made completely of recycled marine plastic. The groups are continuing to use them to help with more ocean and beach clean ups.

The efforts of Odyssey Innovation and Paddle For Plastic is helping to lead the way by giving plastic waste new life. They are showing the world that ocean plastic can actually be an extremely useful resource.

Odyssey Innovation kayak being utilized to recover waste from the ocean to be used to produce more kayaks.
Odyssey Innovation kayak being utilized to recover waste from the ocean to be used to produce more kayaks.

It’s important to keep trash out of the ocean and anything we can do as individuals, companies, and other organized groups is great! Every bit counts and we are all in this together!

Beach Clean Up
Organized group beach clean up in Waihee/Waiehu, Maui, Hawaii by Excel Soccer Club team.

Our planet is going through a plastic waste crisis. More and more companies producing re-purposed and reusable products is a big plus because it helps us all to be more eco-friendly. Mahalo for doing your part to reduce, reuse, and recycle!

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