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Why are Impressionist Paintings So Popular Today?

  Art comes in many different forms and techniques, with some being more popular than [...]

What Makes a Painting Abstract Expressionism?

  Abstract expressionism began as an artistic movement in the mid 20th century, based on [...]

Happy Birthday Robert!

Happy 65th Birthday Robert Lyn Nelson! To celebrate Robert’s special day, let’s travel back in [...]

Tips To Protect Your Art Prints

You found the perfect fine art print to add to your collection and you want [...]

Kayak Made From Recycled Ocean Plastic

Kayaking on Maui has been a passion of mine for 30 years. It’s a great [...]

What’s An Art Study?

An art study is a practice piece created by an artist by drawing, sketching, or [...]

My Top Five Inspirational Artists

Creating art has always been an obsession for me beginning in my childhood years. When [...]

Surfing with Humpback Whales Leads to New Art Genre

Robert Lyn Nelson’s love of the ocean and surfing was part of the reason he [...]

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